8. januar 2015

Skal du med til Brockhöfe

Invitation to  50. fourstroke Trial Brockhöfefor Historic Trial Bikes  -  two Days-Trial

(Inter-Nordic-Cup )

Germany, 2015 March, 14/15

  1. 50. fourstroke Trial Brockhöfe (D) March, 14/15th,  2015
  2. Finonia-Trial Odense (DK), May, 9th/10th, 2015
  3. Tervakoski Two Days Classic (SF)   June, 6th/7th, 2015
  4. Linköping (S), August, 1st  /2nd ,  2015

We are pleased to invite all friends of classic pre-65 trials to the 50th Fourstroke two days pre-65 Trial

(1st heat of Inter-Nordic-Cup 2015) for Brockhöfe. It is similar to Hellkuhlen-Bergtrial how it was organized in the 50‘s and 60’s. Comparably sections like in the olden days with one track only. One lap only per day with 30 observed sections, containing deep sand, roots, hills, bog, rocks, basalt and rolling stones.

Start address: D-29565 Brockhöfe, Dorfstraße 30, old carpenter’s workshop

Autobahn A7 Hamburg-Hannover, exit Soltau-Ost, B71 Munster-Uelzen road, turn left after appr. 26 km in Lintzel, direction Brockhöfe

Start: March 14th  2015:  11:00                Finish: 17:00                                           Evening meal: every days grill

            March 15th  2015:  10:00               Prizegiving ceremony: 15:00

Accomodation: Camping is free, power connection 5 €



Clerk of the Course: Rudi Munstermann, Dorfstraße 30, D-29565 Brockhöfe, 

Tel : 0049-(0)5829-448 Fax:0049-(0)5829-9886077   E-Mail: fourstroke-rudi@t-online.de

Assistant Clerks of the Course: Cerstin Wulf, Rüdiger Wulf


The course is on private farming land and in two gravel pits. Any indiscriminate riding will jeopardise its use. Any non-authorised person riding on or in the vicinity of the course, will be excluded from this trials.

Entry fee: 1 day: 25 €, 2 days 40 €. Entry fee payable prior to the start.

Entry closes March, 1st, 2015 Open to solo motorcycles only. All finishers will receive an award. Too late Entry =  +10,00 € .

Pre-65: manufactured before December, 31st, 1965          Wearing helmets is mandatory!


1. Pre-65 Rigid (Girder- or telefork, fourstroke)

2. Pre-65 Pre-Unit, big irons, fourstroke over 120 kg

3. Pre-65 Unit fourstroke

4. Pre-65 Twostroke

5. Twinshock Two-stroke

6. Twinshock Four-stroke

7. Old Boys, Class 1-7 bikes, riders older than 60 years 

Marking (Non-stop-trial)

Clean                                                                                                 0 marks lost

Footing (once only)                                                                              1 mark lost

Footing (twice)                                                                                    2 marks lost

Footing (more than twice)                                                                     3 marks lost

Failure to maintain a forward motion                                                      5 marks lost


Disclaimer: The driver agree that  he not seek to claim against the organisers and the landowners.

Rudi Munstermann

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